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Adrian Bunn BSc

Software Engineer - Content Creator - Photographer


Computing, gaming, digital media and technology are big things for me and I have a particular interest in software engineering. I have several projects which come from these passions. Each one is a source of enjoyment for me as well as providing a positive effect to either people in my life or my customers.

Whether it be problem-solving, data diving or creating a solution, I love to get to the bottom of a situation and find a path to success for everyone involved. So much can be achieved by automation, integration, centralising data, appropriate data analysis and removing duplication of effort.

My general philosophy; be kind, have an overall positive impact on humanity and enjoy life wherever you can.

Application Development - Bunntronicks

bunntronicks on 𝔸𝔹-𝔻𝕄𝕊

Bunntronicks is my development project. I develop applications, tools, websites, bots, scripts and little games for; myself, my other projects and for other people. These range from simple 1 line scripts to larger projects. Much of what I create are simple things that make peoples lives easier in one way or another. That is an important part of why I code. This project comes under 𝔸𝔹-𝔻𝕄𝕊 my trading name.

Content Creation - Master Hellish

Computer gaming is a passion of mine and through this project, I am able to bring that to other people. A large part of what I do is tutorials to help people when they get stuck or would like to know more about how to play a game. However, it is fantastic to entertain a large audience, which has gone onto develop an amazing community. This project comes under 𝔸𝔹-𝔻𝕄𝕊 my trading name.

Photography - Freeze Life Pictures

I am primarily a wedding photographer, however I enjoy a large variety of photography styles and provide a range of services. In addition to capturing formal shots, I love to capture all the different candid moments. I am a big fan of capturing the natural beauty of people and their surroundings. I sparingly use artistic flairs like black and white photos to give photos a gentle style and variety. This project comes under 𝔸𝔹-𝔻𝕄𝕊 my trading name.

Charity Work

I have worked with a number of charities to either raise money or volunteer my time. I have assisted charities with media and web development in addition to providing my photography services at a reduced or cost the only rate. Raising money for charity has been mostly done through my Master Hellish project and we have managed to raise over £14,000 so far. I am excited to see what future events bring.